Your Time and Talent can Make a Difference

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Your Time and Talent can Make a Difference

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Your Time and Talent can Make a Difference

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“I came from poverty and know what it’s like not to have things. When I had the opportunity to work with this organization, I realized I had a lot of power to make a lot of difference.”

— Bernadette McDaniel, TOMVO Board of Directors

Every year, Things of My Very Own, Inc. serves more than 3,000 children in crisis. We provide children with clothing, bedding, hygiene products and more so they can remain with their non-abusive family members. Thanks to our amazing team of nearly 400 heroes (volunteers), we are able to change the trajectory of these children’s futures forever.

Volunteers at Things of My Very Own, Inc. are the driving force of the organization. Whether you’re an individual or part of a large group, whether you have 4 or 40 hours a week to contribute, these children need your help!

Get started by completing our online Volunteer Application.

Check out some of the heroes affiliated with Things of My Very Own, Inc. and hear why they do what they do every day.

Volunteer Opportunities

Please check out our volunteer opportunities below.* Learn how you can step in and save the day for a child in need.

Donation Specialist

Quickly prepare transitional aid packages for children in crisis! As donations come in, the donation specialist sorts, stocks, and distributes items to children in need.

On-Call Transportation

Impact hundreds of children by transporting donations to and from the crisis intervention center.

Ready to Become a Hero?

Please complete the volunteer application and and tell us how you can use your superpowers to help children in crisis (no cape necessary).

*To protect the privacy and ensure the safety of our clients, all applicants are required to submit to a criminal background investigation prior to volunteering.

COVID Precautions

Volunteer shifts are generally limited to five individuals at one time. This helps limit the contact that our team members will have with others. At this time we are only accepting applications from individuals who are able to volunteer their time at least once a month, on a regular basis.

We currently have openings on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings from 9am-11am. Limited spaces available on the same days from 10:30am-1pm, and extremely limited openings on Monday mornings from 9am-11am.

If you feel you would be able to commit to at least one shift per month on a regular basis, please fill out the application.