What is the Sponsor-a-Child in Crisis Program?

A: The Sponsor-a-Child in Crisis Program (AKA The Wish Tag Program) helps children that have endured recent traumatic events to receive toys and other items needed for their transition to safety. It also helps children who are in crisis situations to receive items they need to survive (e.g. clothing, food, blankets, infant formula, etc.)

Where can I pick up a Sponsor-a-Child in Crisis Wish Tag?

A: Current Wish Tag locations are listed on our Facebook page and is updated daily. If a business runs out of Wish Tags, we will update the post to reflect such. When we restock a business with Wish Tags, we will again update the post.

What is the suggested amount to spend on each child?

A. On average, individuals will choose to spend $100 or more on a child-in-crisis to fully sponsor their Wish Tag. Remember, the items you purchase are not only giving children toys for Christmas but also providing them with the items they need to remain with their non-abusive family member and out of the foster care system.

What is an Urgent Needs Wish Tag?

A: These Wish Tags represent the needs of a child-in-crisis that has been referred to the organization. While every child hopes for toys and gifts during the holiday season, it has been determined that the needs of the child far outweigh the benefits that any toys could bring. By choosing an Urgent Needs Wish Tag, you are giving a child hope of remaining in the care of their non-abusive caregiver and out of the foster care system.

Can I still provide toys to a child listed on an Urgent Needs Wish Tag?

A: Absolutely!

Where do I bring the items for the child I am sponsoring?

A: Items may be brought back to the Things of My Very Own Crisis Intervention Center located at 249 Green Street in Schenectady. Drop-off hours are Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 9am-noon.

When are the items due?

A: Each Wish Tag has a due date written on it. We MUST receive the items on or before this date in order for the family to receive their gifts.

Do the items I provide need to be new?

A: Yes, all items for our Sponsor-a-Child in Crisis Program must be new. Children are very intelligent; they know that Santa’s elves only make new items.

Do I wrap the items?

A: Items must be inspected prior to distribution, for this reason, we require that the items come back unwrapped. You are welcome to provide wrapping paper or gift bags for the child(ren) you are sponsoring.

Can I just provide a monetary donation instead of grabbing a Wish Tag?

A: Absolutely! We have worked for over 12-years to negotiate contracts and pricing with retailers and manufacturers throughout the United States. This gives us the ability to purchase items for a fraction of retail prices. For this reason, monetary donations go much further than purchasing items in stores.