Helping Children in Crisis

Things of My Very Own, Inc. provides crisis intervention services to children impacted by extensive abuse and/or neglect.

Services are also available to children who are, solely due to the lack of items necessary for sustainability, at risk of a Child Protective Services intervention.

Our goal is to keep children together with non-abusive family members, and out of the foster care system, whenever possible.

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Our 2018 Goal: $350,000

When a child leaves an abusive situation the transition is often sudden and unexpected. It is not uncommon for children to leave an abusive situation wearing nothing more than a sheet. The trauma that can come from being removed from your family while nearly nude and then placed in the care of strangers has been described by many as being more traumatizing than the abuse itself. Legally a child must have their own bed, warm blankets, clothing, hygiene products and an adequate supply of food to remain with their non-abusive family members and out of the foster care system.

Please help us to ensure that these children are given everything they need from the first moment on. Help us to ensure that these children know that what they have endured, does not define who they grow up to be.

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Today volunteers reported that they witnessed one of the most beautiful moments they had ever seen. A ten-year-old boy jumped for joy at receiving his very own pillow. It is believed to be the first pillow he has ever owned. It was reported that he was in absolute disbelief over receiving something so amazing to him. He couldn’t grasp that it was his and his alone. Once he realized that he was getting his own bedding as well, he could barely compose himself.

What a beautiful moment to share with a little boy. đź’•
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Quote from a client who is here for emergency food and supplies for herself and six children.

Ya’ll are so nice here. Every time I come in you all is so nice and happy. It makes me happy. People aren’t like that in the world. You all make feel like I am important. I feel like I belong.
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We were notified that area food pantries have closed for the day due to inclement weather. If you are a current client and do not have enough food for you and your children, please stop in to the Things of My Very Own, Inc. Crisis Intervention Center located at 249 Green Street in Schenectady today before noon. We don’t have a full food pantry but we won’t leave you behind.

Things of My Very Own, Inc., bridging the gap between what social service and community entities are able to provide and what children need.
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Dear awesome and amazing individuals that came in and volunteered over the holidays,

Thank you for all of your help! We don’t have to explain to you how many people the organization serves. More than likely, you had difficulty squeezing through the crowd of people there for help. The holidays ARE a great time to give back and we GREATLY appreciate all the time that you contributed. Here’s the difficult reality: these children are referred all year long.

On December 23rd approximately 300 people came to the Crisis Intervention Center to volunteer. Last Wednesday, two volunteers were present. Today, we had the same number.

We need people to help sort and package aid for children in crisis. We need volunteers that will commit to coming in on a consistent basis, so that we can train them on how to do client interviews. We need help now.

Volunteer opportunities are available every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 9am-11am and from 10:30am-1pm. We have an immense amount of work ahead of us and very few volunteers scheduled to come in tomorrow. Pack up your children (ages 12 and up), your colleagues and that friend you have been meaning to get together with and come in tomorrow at 9am or 10:30am. Please help us show these children that people care about them after the holidays are over.

If you have not volunteered in the past, that’s okay! The Crisis Intervention Center is located
at 249 Green Street in Schenectady. Be sure to bring a valid photo ID as it is a secure building. We thank you in advance for your support of children in crisis.
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